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About Steven W. Panagiotes

Large-scale law firms with broad practice areas and vast teams of paralegals can seem like an attractive option when facing the weight of the Massachusetts criminal law system. Unfortunately, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle of these jack-of-all-trades firms.

At the law office of Steven W. Panagiotes, Attorney at Law, you are more than just a case number. Attorney Steven Panagiotes has spent more than 30 years providing relentless, personalized defense for Massachusetts clients. Over his career, he has honed exceptional legal skills in criminal defense and helped more than 2,000 individuals in Worcester and Middlesex counties to put criminal charges in the rearview.

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Steven W. Panagiotes

Focus And Excellence In Massachusetts Criminal Defense

Steven Panagiotes is one of Massachusetts’ foremost authorities in DUI defense. A champion of systemic integrity, attorney Panagiotes mounted a successful campaign to reexamine and reform problematic procedures in evidencing and convicting DUI cases in Massachusetts.

His dogged pursuit of justice and ability to identify weak points in the prosecution’s arguments have made him a respected name in criminal defense. His practice has become well-known in Massachusetts courts for his speed and efficiency in resolving criminal matters to the benefit of his clients. In addition to DUI defense, attorney Panagiotes helps clients facing an array of criminal charges, from sex crimes to drug-related offenses.

Unwavering Commitment To Protecting Your Rights

“I work for each client as if my own freedom were at stake.” – Attorney Steven W. Panagiotes

When you work with attorney Panagiotes, your rights become his primary concern. Attorney Panagiotes prizes clear and honest communication so you never feel like a bystander in the legal process. He works in the criminal justice system courts to represent Massachusetts residents and aspiring Americans.

At the same time, he asks the same level of openness from his clients in order to create strategies unique to the legal situation you are facing. If your rights were infringed at any point during a drunk driving stop or a drug arrest, you can rely on him to find justice for you.

See Why Thousands Of Massachusetts Residents Turn To Steven W. Panagiotes, Attorney At Law

Discuss the details of your case in your initial consultation. Reach attorney Panagiotes via email or call 978-342-4444.