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Steven Panagiotes Can Help You Fight The System

As soon as you are charged with a crime, the clock begins ticking. The police and the prosecution have a head start in building a case against you. Steven W. Panagiotes, Attorney at Law, understands the stakes. Armed with experience, legal prowess and a relentless drive to protect your rights, attorney Panagiotes can mount an aggressive defense on your behalf to counter a system designed to put you at a disadvantage.

Contact Steven Panagiotes at 978-342-4444 today to discuss your case and begin constructing the best possible defense.

Everyone Has A Right To A Defense

As an American, you have certain unalienable rights. As your criminal defense attorney, Steven Panagiotes will fight to make sure that your rights are protected. Attorney Panagiotes treats every case as if his own rights were on the line. His ferocity in the courtroom has won him the respect of his colleagues and the best possible outcomes for thousands of clients.

With more than 30 years of experience in criminal defense and more than 2,000 cases on his record, attorney Panagiotes has worked with the full spectrum of criminal charges in Massachusetts. Call him if you are facing charges related to:

When you work with attorney Panagiotes, you receive no judgment and no admonishment, only advocacy. He exhausts every avenue of investigation and examines your situation from every angle in order to create a defense tailored to the specific circumstances you are facing.

When Your Rights And Freedom Are At Stake, Get Steven Panagiotes On The Line

From his office in Concord, attorney Panagiotes defends clients throughout Worcester County. Call 978-342-4444 or email him to schedule a criminal defense consultation and see why thousands of clients in Massachusetts have put their freedom in his capable hands.