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DUI Charges Do Not Discriminate

Whether you were headed home from a work-related happy hour or on your way to a tailgate with your friends, getting pulled over for a DUI can wreak havoc on your career, your family life and your everyday freedoms. The moment the police turn on their lights, they begin constructing an argument to convict you. Contacting an experienced DUI attorney can be a key difference-maker in the resolution of your DUI case.

At the law firm of Steven W. Panagiotes, Attorney at Law, you can count on swift, knowledgeable defense strategies founded on more than 30 years of criminal law experience. Attorney Panagiotes fights for every client as if his own liberties were on the line.

He Rewrote The Book On DUIs In Massachusetts

Few firms in Massachusetts know more about DUI defense than Steven W. Panagiotes, Attorney at Law. With more than 2,000 criminal defense cases on his record, attorney Panagiotes knows how to find the weak points in a vast array of charges. In 2019, he identified and rallied against one such weak point in how the state of Massachusetts evidenced and convicted DUI cases: the breathalyzer test.

His crusade for justice and relentless effort to eliminate noncompliant procedures in breath testing convinced the state to assess their standards and forced legislators to rewrite the laws on breathalyzers.

With Steven Panagiotes on your side, you can count on unparalleled dedication to protecting your rights and an unstoppable drive to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Personal Attention To The Specifics Of Your Situation

Attorney Panagiotes takes pride in applying decades of experience and exceptional legal prowess to every case he accepts. His attention to detail has helped countless Worcester County residents put DUI charges behind them.

From your first consultation, he carefully reviews every angle of your case, from the reason you were pulled over to the way your sobriety tests were conducted, in order to find the weak points and begin constructing a defense to attack them.

Your Rights Need Protection – Call Steven Panagiotes

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, call Steven W. Panagiotes, Attorney at Law, now at 978-342-4444 or fill out the online contact form. Attorney Panagiotes moves quickly in defense of clients throughout Worcester County.